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Transform Your Organization

For over 20 years, RCI Institute and its sister company, Aspire, have worked with service-oriented companies around the globe optimizing their #1 asset and biggest expense – PEOPLE.

As human behavior anthropologists, we use our years of experience working with tens of thousands of participants along with ongoing research and modeling and have developed extensive intellectual property to position people to their highest potential.

Why Does It Matter?

Our expertise is identifying methodologies and processes from real people in the thick of real challenges. We call ourselves an active lab for this reason. Our focus is to provide resources that help people shift their human behavior and improve individual performance in their career and life. We call this work and its resources People Technology™.

People Technology™ enables employees to achieve their highest potential.

Just as computing technology focuses on providing digital and informational resources to improve efficiencies, expand learning and enhance the quality of life, People Technology™ provides a variety of resources and proven practices that optimize performance, while awakening individual potential and improving the quality of their life. People Technology™ focuses on  the foundations of competency which we call the Competency Set™.  

Mind Set

Skill Set

Process Set

These 3 elements when applied to any task, goal, job, or aspect of life are the secret sauce of performance.