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JC Thompson coaches today and tomorrow’s leaders to realize their true potential. He is also a father, son, husband, and COO of Aspire, an organization on a fanatical path to transform human beings and organizations, strengthen company cultures, build differentiating strategies and help people execute those strategies through inspiring transformational learning. JC has spent his career working for and closely with entrepreneurs and business owners. He is equally at home in an executive meeting as he is with a team of line-level employees. He is an expert in interpersonal communications and helps individuals shift their behavior to achieve extraordinary results.

A Great

Throughout 2020, my coach and I connected just about every month. I always looked forward to our conversations and really valued their insight. Our sessions were a great opportunity for me to take a breather, pull back from the day to day, and reflect on my growth and how I can be a better leader. The coach had a great way of providing value beyond just simple, basic advice. They challenged my ways of thinking while also acknowledging what is working, and is great at taking my experiences and struggles and providing relatable scenarios they have seen or heard to help provide me with guidance. They seemed to really want to learn about who they are working with, and was always prepared with questions, concerns or insight based on my prework or as a follow up from our last session. Working with my coach was a great experience and I appreciate their time and effort in investing in my growth.