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With over 25 years of experience in leadership development, sales training, and hands-on coaching, Barbara’s curious manner helps you explore the possibilities while keeping you focused on what matters most. Her down-to-earth style, experience as a trainer, mother, and wife help her quickly connect with people to help shift human behaviors. Barbara has helped individuals develop and grow, especially new leaders, to find their voice as leaders, managers, and coaches.

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Sometimes as leaders we can become stagnate in how we lead our teams. We start to believe that we know the best ways to motivate, instruct, and guide our team members through the good, bad, and in between, and it’s at those times we need a gentle reminder that there is always room for growth no matter our role. Barbara has been instrumental in helping me to find new and creative ways to coach, lead, and inspire my team. She is thoughtful in her approach and is always inspiring me to think about my own and my team’s actions in order to identify areas for growth and accountability. Barbara is a delight to speak with and her authenticity paired with her confidence and years of experience truly establishes a level of unshakable trust. I am grateful to have been able to learn from Barbara and will utilize the tools she has helped me to develop for years to come.

Annastacia Opasinski

Guest Services Manager
Cliff House

My coach has been an amazing coach/mentor. Often when I discuss what is on my mind, they patiently listen and ask very probing questions that lead me to introspect and discover next steps. They have a knack to read between the lines so often that they understand my core feelings even before I come to terms with it. They have been a great sounding board for my proposals/solutions. I also like the simple real-world analogies they share as they make the decision-making process fairly rational.

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Barbara’s expertise and coaching sessions were instrumental to my growth personally and professionally this past 6 months. Barbara helped me to be accountable with creative solutions on how to carve out strategy brainstorming time in my life. Barbara’s style was empathetic, yet empowering, unassuming yet direct – full of examples and conceptual role-play. She shared personal examples, which at least to me, helped in my visualization and application of her suggestions in my life.  I even was promoted to a manager track role during our time which I credit to how she coached me to coach my team.

Megan Keith

Product Manager, Load Manager
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Retention of people in 2021 that went through Aspire Executive Coaching was approximately 83% vs 52% across the brand
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