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Our Mission

Curiosity. Inspiration. Competitive Advantages. Performance Improvement.


Why is mindset the greatest single predictor of performance and ultimately, quality of life?


Realizing that you cannot motivate another person how can you as a leader inspire them to play all in?

Competitive Advantages

For nearly all businesses, people are an organization’s greatest asset and largest expense, so how do you make them a true competitive advantage?

Performance Improvement

Rooted in practical application and significant business results, RCI Institute’s work goes back to 1995 working with tens of thousands of leaders and organizations to identify how to improve performance and awaken potential. RCI fanatically focuses on how to create and sustain high performing teams and shift human behavior to optimize individual performance.
“We knew that traditional approaches to training where not changing human behavior. All you got was a shot in the arm and then back to the same old behaviors getting you the same old results. We started to explore how to transform performance through providing IP tools, resources and skills that emotionally engaged people, increased their job competency and therefore improved their overall performance.”
RCI’s vision remains the same. RCI identifies critical human workforce challenges from turnover to motivation, facilitates real world research and easy to apply modeling, while Aspire, its sister company, focuses on applying and helping teams execute these tools. Together we help our clients transform their culture, leaders, team members and results.
“Aspire, became the execution and incubation arm, taking RCI’s findings and models and applying them to improve individual competency, intellectually protected tools and processes, and apply them all to individuals and organizations to drive measurable performance.”
Nothing fluffy just a commitment to the optimizing the efforts of individual team members and leaders to improve performance. RCI continues to see itself as the explorers of awakening potential and archeologists of organizational dynamics and strategy.