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The single greatest asset your organization has is its people. Awakening their potential awakens the organization’s potential.

RCI Institute is a real-life, practical applications research and learning lab focused on awakening human potential and igniting the human spirit to play all in. We provide research and development, proprietary systems and tools around active thinking, People Technology™, and executive leadership coaching & certification to maximize individual and organizational performance. Our mission is to provide business leaders and entrepreneurs resources that awaken potential.

Leading the Way Forward:
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This weekly 30-lesson series is a free audio learning program for those who want to sharpen their leadership skills. Each lesson has a brief audio that illuminates a leadership skill and gives you tools to apply it that day.

We Provide The resources that awaken potential

Our dynamic, strategic and developmental executive leadership coaching program holds people accountable with compassion and focuses on specific business problems and priorities. Not therapy. Our coaching combines established science and practical experience and it has helped thousands of people awaken their potential.

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Average Performance Improvement

Using the RCI Institute Coaching Methodology

How We Do It


Research &

Our think tanks publish innovative findings about human potential and People Technology™.



We’ve improved sales growth from 17% to 66% and reduced employee turnover from 92% to 7%.



We’re strategic, not fluffy. Our executive coaching program gets you to where you want to go.